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Holder’s Racial Bias

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 2, 2012

On June 1 this Blog posted Feds Attack Florida for Trying to Stop Noncitizens from Voting that reviewed the federal Department of Justice attempts to stop illegal aliens from illegally voting in Florida.  Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s excuse for this lame action was that Florida’s efforts were inherently racist since most of the illegal aliens were Hispanic and dark skinned.  Progressive logic run amok!

Economist Dr. Thomas Sowell posted an article in Investors.com that was more direct on this issue. His article, Holder Shows Racial Bias In Enforcing Voter Rights, accuses Holder of racial bias stating the following:

“Attorney General Eric Holder recently told a group of black clergymen that the right to vote was being threatened by people who are seeking to block access to the ballot box by blacks and other minorities.  This is truly world-class chutzpah, by an attorney general who stopped attorneys in his own Department of Justice from completing the prosecution of black thugs who stationed themselves outside a Philadelphia voting site to harass and intimidate white voters.

“What Attorney General Holder has been complaining loudly about, and launching federal lawsuits about, are states that require photo identification to vote.  Holder calls this blocking minority “access” to the voting booths.  Since millions of black Americans — like millions of white Americans — are confronted with demands for photo identification at airports, banks and innumerable other institutions, it is a little much to claim that requiring the same thing to vote is denying the right to vote.  But Holder’s chutzpah is up to the task.”

“Holder’s pooh-poohing of voter fraud dangers, and hyping the “threat” of denying minorities “access” to the voting booth, are completely consistent with his drive to: 1) Maximize the number of votes by black Democrats.  2) Spread as much fear as possible among minorities that they are under siege and Democrats are their only protection and salvation.”

Sowell properly concludes that Holder’s actions are part of “a political protection racket, with payoffs in votes.  Nor can Holder’s boss, Barack Obama, be unaware of voter fraud.  After all, he comes from Chicago, where voting officials refuse to discriminate against dead people.”


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