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North Carolina Teacher Goes Berserk in Class Supporting Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 21, 2012

A North Carolina teacher last week was recorded acting irrational in her support for President Obama.  In the clip posted below on YouTube, social studies teacher Ms. Toyna Dixon-Neely spends 10 irrational minutes attempting to protect the honor of Obama, even claiming the student could be arrested for his unflattering comments about the President.  She has since been suspended for her inappropriate behavior.

During the exchange, the student correctly suggested to the teacher that if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s youthful endeavors could were legitimate questions, so too were similar questions relating to Barack Obama.  This resulted in the following exchange:

Ms. Dixon-Neely – “Stop! Stop!  Because there’s no comparison.  He’s running for president. Obama is the president.”

Student –  “Whenever Bush was president, everybody talked sh-t about him.”

Ms. Dixon-Neely –  “Because he was sh-tty.

Quite frankly, Ms. Dixon-Neely fawning over President Obama is not the most serious issue raised in the YouTube posting.  Of greater significance is Ms. Dixon-Neely irrational behavior, lack of control of the class, and questionable speaking skills.  It is of little wonder that American students are faring so poorly in standardized tests.


2 Responses to “North Carolina Teacher Goes Berserk in Class Supporting Obama”

  1. Bull Looni said

    Ms Dixon-Neely is definately the poster child for several of the issues of today. First, her picture should be posted at every school in the state as an example of the reason why many, many students cannot pass the basics of scholastic aptitude testing.

    Second, she should be terminated as a social study educator just due to the fact that she does not understand the basics of our governmental system. She is a prime example of why our kids are becoming uneducated graduates.

    Third, she should be terminated for being a bully to her students. If another student reacted in the same manner as Ms. Dixon-Neely, that student would be expelled. Although the teacher has been put on leave, the fact that she is being paid during this time is a slap to these students.

    Fourth, it is illegal for a state employee in North Carolina to advocate for a candidate during work hours–regardless of the irrationalality of the person doing it. And it should be an even more serious crime that a teacher is espousing political propaganda to a group of students in a situation that virtually forces them to agree with the teacher or fail the course.

    Finally, too many state employees hide behind race, gender, physical or mental handicap, in order to abuse the state system. Ms. Dixon-Neely will ultimately try to use one of these as an excuse to explain her irrational and moronic behavior in that classroom. What is really sad is that if she were never recorded, she would still be indoctrinating students and bullying those kids who publicly oppose her

    • smarko1 said


      Thanks for your comments, all of which are right on target.

      I would like to add another issue to your list. Those in the system responsible for giving a teaching degree and accreditation to this obviously poorly educated individual, and too many of similar low skills, need to be taken to task publicly for their failings. The Progressive created industry of social workers, government workers of all types, and yes in more recent years too many teachers, needs to be outed as their negative impact on society will have cost implications for many years to come.

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