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American Government Stops Fuel-Efficient Diesels from Being Sold in the US

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 5, 2012

Jim from Texas forwarded the video below recently posted on You Tube.  It points out that Volkswagen, Ford and other automobile builders produce cars for European and other countries that obtain nearly double the fuel economy of vehicles they sell in the United States.  He then raises the interesting question as to why this is occurring.

Supposedly, the European diesel motors do not pass certain the American pollution requirements and therefore cannot be sold in the United States.  The YouTube host concludes that the American government is keeping these more fuel-efficient vehicles from being sold in the United States to protect the tax revenues collected at the federal and state levels.

Before tossing out the hypothesis included in the video, this Blog reviewed the websites for VW in the United States and England and found that the key statistics included in it were accurate, as shown in this posting from both sites.  Specifically, a VW Passat with diesel motor has a fuel economy rating of 43 highway and 31 city in the United States, while the European version obtained fuel efficiency ratings of 78 highway and 54 city.  Irrespective of the difference between the US and Imperial gallon, this difference is huge and would obviously be look kindly at by American auto buyers.  This lends credence to the YouTube video’s hypothesis.



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