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Baby Boomer Math

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 3, 2012

Blog reader John forwarded this lesson in Baby Boomer mathematics that is full of political correctness and illogic.  It would be funny if not so true.


2 Responses to “Baby Boomer Math”

  1. Richard Wicks said

    Here’s a math question for boomers, from somebody in generation X.

    In 1970, the national debt was 370 billion dollars and the federal tax revenue was 192 billion dollars

    in 1980, debt was 907 billion, and tax revenue 517 billion
    1990: 3.233 trillion and 1.032 trillion
    2000: 5.674 trillion and 2.025 trillion
    2010: 13.561 trillion and 2.160 trillion

    Question: Have the boomers done a good job of stewardship over the nation by being vigilant in making certain the country will remain solvent, of have they guaranteed the destruction of the world’s reserve currency through profligate waste and neglect of civil responsibilities?

    • smarko1 said

      The Boomers have done a miserable job of stewardship. Sooner or later you Xer’s, etc. will say enough is enough and will attack the entitlements that the Boomers and others are taking from the till.

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