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Obama Embarrasses Himself and the Presidency Jamming with Jimmy Fallon

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 26, 2012

While the news media has often turned a blind eye, Barack Obama has had plenty of embarrassing moments since hitting the national spotlight.  During his primary fight with Hillary Clinton, his racist pastor, Rev. Wright, went public.  Then there are bloopers, such as when Obama claimed to have visited 57 American states.  However, this week the President outdid himself when he decided to slow jam on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The video clip posted below says it all.  How un-presidential can one-act?

Once the head scratching stops on the President’s performance, the focus needs to be on the message.  The theme promoted by the President in the jam was the need to keep the cost of college loans down and the government’s role in this action.  This misses the point on two levels:

  • Missing from this Progressive view of the nanny state’s involvement with higher education, is the main reason behind the high cost of a college education.  Government involvement with subsidies and loans to college students has enabled the college industry to raise tuition at a rate far greater than inflation.  Had the government stayed out of this business, colleges would have been forced to keep tuitions down to attract students.  That would have ultimately led to lower costs to students requiring them to go into less debt for the education.
  • Also missing from the President’s rather modern sales pitch are results; i.e. the jobs available for college students.  Students should go to college only if it improves their overall well-being and that includes economic well-being.  That decision should involve a cost-benefit analysis for the individual, similar to any goods or services purchased decision.  Government involvement distorts market forces leading to bubbles and other market imbalances.

President Obama’s slow jam with Jimmy Fallon is part of an overall campaign strategy for coming election.  Three years ago the President had no record and therefore could run on a platform of hope and change.  For this second election, Obama has a track record and is not an popular one to run on.  Instead, the President will offer handouts that amount to bribes to various segments of the population who we believes can propel him to victory in the election.  Students with loans are merely a pawn in that game.  Unfortunately, President Obama avoids informing this younger generation that the debt being run up to pay for all these programs will be theirs to pay.


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