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U.N. Sending 300 Unarmed Observers to Syria to Monitor Cease-Fire

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 22, 2012

The Wall Street Journal reported that the UN Security Council has approved sending 300 unarmed observers to monitor yet another so-called Syrian cease-fire.  The monitors will be sent as soon as the okay is given by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, supposedly after the cease-fire has taken hold.

This is an example of United Nations ineptness.  Only a dysfunctional organization could come up with the logic and after killing 9,000 of his own countrymen, that the despot Assad will cease this action because 300 unarmed observers are sent into his country.  It is also another example of Progressive belief that even lame action is better than no action.

Indicating Syria’s commitment to continuing the carnage, it’s Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afri informed the Security Council: “They are bragging about tightening these sanctions … but we reject interference in our internal affairs.’  …. B”Syrians well know these external forces and…do not want any Wahhabi or Salafist factions to penetrate its ranks through some terrorists propagated by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant added a bit of sanity to the United Nations when he said: “It is an unprecedented step to deploy unarmed U.N. personnel into such a dangerous environment.  It is fraught with risk.  The mission will fail in its task if the regime continues to violate its commitments and obstruct the work of the mission.”  Then mission is indeed doomed to failure.

The Obama Administration continued to waffle on the matter with its ambassador, Susan Rice, saying: “For the United States, our patience is exhausted.  No one should assume that the United States will agree to renew this mission at the end of 90 days.  If there is not a sustained cessation of violence and freedom of movement for U.N. personnel … then we must all conclude that this mission has run its course.”  With over 9,000 Syrians already dead, our patience will be exhausted in 90 days?  What dribble.

Once again Progressives like President Obama pick winners and losers in society.  In this Country they choose which companies receive government funds and bailouts and which taxpayers will pay for other peoples’ services.  In world affairs, Obama intervened in Libya where at most a few hundred were killed, but refuses to act in Syria where thousands are dead.  This is the type of powers that our Founding Fathers worked so hard to keep out hands of government.


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