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Shrub Cost Taxpayers Over $200,000 to be Relocated

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 14, 2012

CNSNews.com reported that the taxpayers paid over $200,000 to relocate one plant (Shovel Ready in San Fran: $205,075 to ‘Translocate’ One Shrub from Path of Stimulus Project).  It seems that some governmental bureaucrat discovered a Franciscan manzanita bush in San Francisco that was in the way of a highway project.  While commercially grown manzanita are sold in California for less than $20 per plant, some biologist determined that this might be a native plant so the bureaucrats when to work spending the people’s money.

According to the report, the government spent $100,000 for the plant’s removal, $80,000 to nurture and monitored the plant for the next decade, and about $25,000 for governmental “reporting requirements”.  This particular example of governmental waste was the result of President Obama’s $800 billion plus Stimulus Package.  Assuming the Bush deserved moving, had the government not been involved in the task probably could have been accomplished for about 1/100 the cost.


One Response to “Shrub Cost Taxpayers Over $200,000 to be Relocated”

  1. Jim Mahoney said

    So I guess this time it really is (the) Bush’s fault…

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