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Muslim Terrorist Strike in Thailand

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 3, 2012

On Saturday, Muslim terrorists struck again, this time in southern Thailand.  According to the Wall Street Journal, hundreds were injured and over 14 killed in the most recent bombings that hit three cities in Thailand.  Supposedly, this group of Muslim terrorists has a separatist bent.  Since 2004, it is estimated that more than 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand due to the related violence.

Over the years, the Left has inflicted on the world the narrative that the cause of the growing number of Muslim extremists emanated from either the “Great Satan”, the United States, or Jews with particular reference to the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  The extent and breadth of violence carried out worldwide by extremist followers of Islam has put a stake in the heart of that false narrative.  Thailand is a Buddhist country of about 68 million people and includes only about 200 Jews.  Something else is at work in Thailand, as well as other countries experiencing the violence.

People of all religions and heritages are born with a clean slate.  Neither genetics nor atmospheric conditions can be attributed to the growing use of violence within some followers of Islam.  The answer lies within the moral codes and teachings of the young.  The Progressives of the world refuse to address this reality. Making additional excuses for the violence will only lead to more violence.


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