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Corzine Directly Tied To Missing Funds

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 28, 2012

MF Global Holdings went bust late last year and $1.6 billion of customer funds ended up disappearing at the last minute.  This firm that was run by longtime Democratic politician Jon Corzine was subject of this Blog’s posting on November 1, 2011 titled progressive banker John Corzine MF Global in Trouble.

Since the original posting, Corzine was called in front of Congress to explain the missing funds.  Not surprisingly, he pleaded ignorance.  The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that an e-mail has been located indicating that not only did Corzine know about the missing funds, but that he personally played a role in instructing the move of $200 million from MF Global Holdings just days before the firm collapsed.

In the past year, President Obama has stoked the flames of class warfare often railing against the “millionaires and billionaires”.  With Corzine, the President has a ripe target that is not only worth tens of millions, but has run a firm that lost over $1 billion for its investors.  However, do not expect this president to comment on one he is so closely associated with.  As indicated the video below, Barack Obama called Corzine his “ally” in creating Obamanomics. Just as disconcerting, don’t expect the mainstream media to question the President on his association with the scoundrel.



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