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Black School Superintendent Called Racist by Black Associates

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 22, 2012

MSN has published a story titled “ Black staff: Black school superintendent is racist ” that once again shows how Leftists often uses the claim of racism to further other agendas.  The superintendent Tukwila School District , Ms. Ethelda Burke, has been accused of racism by nine employees of the District in a complaint filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Some specific complaints include:

  • Doc Fells, driver trainer and dispatcher said: “She said to me you have to stop being a big, black man scaring our white drivers.”
  • Marva Harris, school security officer, said: “I couldn’t believe my ears she would refer to professional African-American women as slaves.”
  • J.D. Hill, athletic director and head of transportation, said: “When I walked into her office she said ‘Hey, J-Dark, how are you doing?

Assuming the comments attributed to the Ms. Burke are accurate, at first blush our politically correct society would quickly condemn the superintendent.  However, this situation includes details that make such a conclusion questionable.  First, the Tukwila district is very diverse with 70% of its students being non-white.  Neither these students nor their parents have filed any complaints against the superintendent.  Even more incredible, Ethelda Burke who has been at the job for five years, is an African-American.

While additional facts will come out on this story, it is likely that the nine complainants have other problems with Ms. Burke other than her supposed racial comments.  Further, African-Americans complaining about another African-American being racist raises some interesting questions.  First, some well-known leaders and educators in the African-American community have publicly claimed that African-Americans cannot be racist.  It seems that what they meant to say is that Leftists cannot be racist.  In addition, again assuming the quotes by the complainants are accurate, Ms. Burke’s comments pale in comparison to the racist vulgarities spewed in today’s hip-hop music.  It would be curious to hear how the nine complainants would reconcile this conundrum.


2 Responses to “Black School Superintendent Called Racist by Black Associates”

  1. Eric Paulsen

    Enduring Sense;

    I am a math teacher with 14 years teaching experience for Tacoma Schools. i have a Bachelor of Science in math, and have completed 41 credits towards a masters degree at the University of Washington in Seattle. I had the privilege of teaching at Stadium H.S. in Tacoma in 1998-1999. Ethelda Burke was the principal of Stadium that year. I found her to be a very fair competent and concerned principal. I never had a complaint or heard a complaint against her.

    Since 2011 I have been advocating for Washington State to completely replace its current tax system with a moderately progressive income tax. Under the present tax system, tuition at colleges and universities has risen 242% in 20 years. The Black employees at Tukwilla should be really grateful to have a job and to have a very competent administrator to work for. This is the second Black Administrator to be punished in Washington State, while Permanent Offense has taken over $18.8 billion from the budget for schools and colleges and universities in Washington State.

    The victims are the mayors, police chiefs, fire chiefs and superintendents whose budget is being cut each year, as the state’s population rises. Once again the TV and News are prosecuting the victims and never criticize Permanent Offense and its efforts to reduce funding for public education, public transit and police and fire men to protect them. The website has papers that describe this in better detail than this letter.

    Eric Paulsen

    • smarko1 said


      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Quite frankly, I would not the surprised if Ms.Burke is being unfairly attacked. It has become evident that women who do not tow the leftist and radical feminist lines will be the subject of such unfair attacks.

      As for your other comments on schools, taxes, etc., it is time for some honest and open discussions as to what we want to accomplish in our school systems. Are they there to promote special interests and political correctness for is their main purpose to educate our young. Unfortunately, the latter has not been the case in many years.

      Like many Americans, I believe that the problem is not the amount of taxes we pay, but denied taxes we pay for wasted programs. Governments and government workers need to be held accountable these are some objectives and results-based criteria. Until then,educators like Ms.Burke will be on the receiving end of some pretty foul smelling stuff.


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