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Karzai Demands U.S. Troop Pullback

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 17, 2012

One result of last week’s murder of Afghan civilians by a rouge U.S solider has been the demand by Afghan President Hamid Karzai that the United States withdraw all of its troops from Afghan cities and villages and confine them to their bases.  Karzai’s demands included:

  • “Not a single foreign soldier should enter Afghan homes, and the entire attention should switch to the country’s reconstruction and economic assistance“.
  • “Afghanistan is right now ready to completely take all security responsibilities, so we demand a speedy transition and the hand-over of responsibility to the Afghans.”

At the same time, the Taliban have indicated they are suspending their “peace” talks with the U.S.  This is further proof of the futility of continuing the war effort in Afghanistan.

Let us not only honor Mr. Karzai’s requests, but go a step further.  Let’s pull most, if not all, of our troops out of Afghanistan.  They serve no U.S. interest in staying and merely help to prop up the corrupt Karzai regime.

How long will it take President Obama to get it on Afghanistan?


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