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Patriotic Chant Called Racism in Texas

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 15, 2012

At a recent high school basketball game in Texas, Alamo Heights High School defeated Alamo Heights.  During the after game celebration, great offense was taken by some at a chant given by Alamo Heights fans.  The negative reactions included:

  • A San Antonio Independent School District spokeswoman, Leslie Price, saying of the chant: “This is very disrespectful to our students.  It is surprising and it’s disappointing to hear that anyone would be out there making those kind of remarks“.
  • Edison student Julian Castellano said: “I was very surprised.  Very appalled.”
  • Edison student Ruby Arredondo said: “They didn’t really have any class.”
  • Edison student Ruby Arredondo said: “It just rubbed us the wrong way.”
  • Edison students who attended Saturday’s game were shocked when they heard the chant.  Some thought the fans of the victors should have been better behaved.
  • After apologizing for the chant, Alamo Heights Superintendent Kevin Brown said: “We just hope that people know that that’s not who we are and we’re not going to let it happen again“.  Brown further said: “We think that you have to earn a right to be there and that’s not a reflection of our school district,” and his band the perpetrators from future state title games.

Now, this story, reported in the press as a racial incident, would not be complete without posting the dastardly chant, which was incredibly:


Yes, that was the extent of it, as shown in the video provided at the link below.

This amazing story shows the extent of which political correctness has taken over the Country.  Now, even a show of patriotism at a sporting event that includes two American teams can be interpreted as a racist.  We certainly, long way baby!  Political correctness is nothing more than a modern-day Leftist which-hunt akin to the attacks from McCarthy in the early 1950’s.



One Response to “Patriotic Chant Called Racism in Texas”

  1. Dennis Ensminger said

    …I hope these fools leave a trail of breadcrumbs so they can retrace their steps…they are headed down a very slippery slope…where freedom of speech will become a thing of the past and their days will be filled with apologies…maybe, they deserve the future that awaits them!

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