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Afghan War Rapidly Deteriorating

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 14, 2012

This Blog has previously expressed the view that the United States should have exited the Afghan War years ago.  That war is not winnable nor does the United States have strategic interests in that country.

The often used excuse for continuing the Afghan War is to keep Afghanistan from again becoming a haven for terrorists.  However, history has proven that when such groups are out in the open, they are easier to take out.  It took only a few months with special forces and air power to rout the Taliban and their terrorist buddies.  Eleven years later and America’s new Viet Nam continues to deteriorate, as epitomized by recent news stories.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that the American trained Afghan Air Force is running drugs and illicit weapons.  This sounds eerily similar to the corrupt South Vietnamese military.  This report came from an investigation by the US military and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).  U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Training Mission-Afghanistan, was quoted: “The nature of the allegations is fairly dramatic and indicated that [AAF officials] were transporting drugs on aircraft and transported weapons not owned by the government of Afghanistan for the use of private groups“.  Training the Afghan forces to take over when NATO leaves is unworkable.

This past weekend things took a tragic turn.  An American soldier went rouge killing 16 innocent civilians in Kandahar province.  This was not only a tragedy for the victims and their families, but on top of the Koran burning makes a tenuous relationship between Afghan and US forces nearly untenable.

While President Obama did not start the Afghan War, he escalated America’s involvement and it is now his war, a second Viet Nam.  Unfortunately, this president has been no more willing to admit his errors in Afghanistan than Johnson or Nixon did in Viet Nam.  Where is the mainstream media?  Where are the anti-war protestors from the Left?


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