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Solar Storm a Big Dud

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 13, 2012

In the middle of last week scientist were warning us of an upcoming strong solar storm that could disrupt electric grids, GPS signals and airline travel.  The storm hit the earth Thursday morning traveling at a staggering 2.7 million mph.  And, …..  nothing, not even a blip anywhere on Earth from it.

Jeffrey Hughes, director of the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling at Boston University, said after the storm passed: “I think we just lucked out.   It just didn’t pack as strong a magnetic field as we were anticipating.”   Translation: we blew it!

Modeling is the same technique used to predict the effects of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s future temperatures.  At the same time, modeling the effects of near-term solar storms is significantly simpler than model long-term global temperatures and their causes and effects.

This latest prediction of calamity that failed to materialize can be added to others including Y2k, SARs, and Swine Flu.  While one of these days the fear-mongers will get it right, it is not likely to be with their claims of manmade global warming.  Still, Progressive politicians like Barack Obama will claim come to the rescue of us helpless citizens.  The unintended consequences will be  increased worldwide hunger and slower growth economy, and of course more power to the political class.


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