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Rush Limbaugh Spanked by the Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 6, 2012

Last week, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student, made a rather ridiculous presentation to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.  Ms. Fluke proffered the position that free access to birth control, even from the Catholic University, is a woman’s right.  Left unsaid was where this right supposedly comes from; certainly not the US Constitution or the Bible.

Ms. Fluke’s presentation was the subject of this Blog’s March 1 posting, “Georgetown University Law Student Demand Birth Control from Catholic University“.  At about the same time, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh resorted to some nasty name calling in an effort to denigrate capital.  This included calling her a “slut”.  Limbaugh’s comments were not only uncalled for, but allowed the discussion to get off track on this issue to focus on his unprofessional behavior, rather than Ms. Fluke’s illogical arguments.  It is ironic that Limbaugh, who often professes a strong belief in the U.S. Constitution and the individual freedoms it offers, felt the need to delve into someone else’s private life.  Then again, Limbaugh is to a great extent an entertainer.

Not to be outdone by Limbaugh’s indiscretion on this matter, President Obama jumped into the fray.  Smelling the potential for political hay, the President phoned Ms. Fluke in what White House press secretary Jay Carney said was Obama’s desire to “express his disappointment that she has been the subject of inappropriate personal attacks and to thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy.”

Obama’s call to Ms. Fluke was inappropriate on many levels.  First, with important issues facing this Country including the dangers of a nuclear Iran and the ongoing worldwide financial problems, the President should stay clear of trivial political issues.  In addition, Obama and the Left so often remained quiet as their Progressive comrades have made misogynistic comments.  For example, where was President Obama when Bill Maher, whose super PAC contributed $1 million to the Obama campaign, called Sarah Palin the “C” word?  Why hasn’t the President returned the money to Maher’s PAC?  Clearly, Obama’s concern for women is purely political.

Freedom of speech must be protected at all costs in this Country including allowing people to say distasteful or obnoxious things.  At the same time, Limbaugh is being appropriately hurt for the indiscretion as some advertisers have already supporting his show financially.  That is democracy and capitalism at work.  However, the Left’s crocodile tears for Ms. Fluke are nearly as grotesque as Limbaugh’s poor behavior.

The problem with Ms. Fluke’s presentation to the Democratic political meeting gathering was her logic, not her personal behavior.  Unlike some of the fringe issues Ms. Fluke raised during her presentation, the birth control pill is used nearly always to allow certain sexual behavior to have less consequences; i.e. making those actions purely recreational.  Government should play no role in either helping or hindering that behavior as long as it’s between consenting adults.  Instead of the name calling.

Limbaugh should is suggested to Fluke that she not ask fellow citizens to subsidize her recreational behavior.  Having sex is a choice.  Using birth control pills is a choice.  Being a student at 30 years of age and at a Catholic institution is also a choice.  It’s time for Ms. Fluke to take some responsibility for her choices in life.


One Response to “Rush Limbaugh Spanked by the Left”

  1. Jim Mahoney said

    As Bill Clinton taught us – you can treat women any way you like as long as you treat liberal feminists with respect.

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