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Mosque Makeovers Paid for by United States Tax Dollars

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 21, 2012

The examples of inefficiency of governments and inappropriate expenditures are nearly infinite.  This Blog will continue posting examples in the hope that some additional small percentage of the population will understand the insanity of giving the government still more funds and the power that comes along with spending those funds.

The video below was broadcast on TV mid-last year when Washington was offering recommendations relating to cutting America’s deficit.  It reports on the hundreds of millions being spent by the US government fixing decrepit buildings in other countries, in this case many mosques.  This expenditure is an outrage on too many fronts to list.  However, two stand out.  First, where in the Constitution does the American government obtain the authority to tax Americans for fixing buildings in foreign countries?  Why is the government spending money that it needs to borrow to fix buildings overseas when the infrastructure of this country has been so neglected?

President Obama often suggests that wealthier Americans should pay their “fair share”.  This class warfare rhetoric loses all logic when considered in light of the government’s wasteful spending.  Americans are generous people who are willing to pay their fair share.  However, what most taxpayers detest is the waste of their hard-earned money.

The only way to stop the government from spending money foolishly is to limit its income.  For this rather obvious idea, the Tea Party is often labeled as radical by the Leftist media.  Using this same lame logic, these Progressives would label our founding fathers as unpatriotic.


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