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Samuel L. Jackson Admits to Being a Racist

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 13, 2012

The March issue of Ebony magazine included a refreshingly honest, if not rather despicable, interview with actor Samuel L Jackson.  In the article Jackson, admitted voting for President Obama only because of the color of his skin stating: ““I voted for Barack because he was black.  ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people –  because they look like them.  That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean sh-t to me.  In the end, he’s a politician. I just hoped he would do some of what he said he was gonna do.”  Translation; it’s okay for me to judge a man by the color of his skin because that’s what others do.

The New York Post republished additional telling statements from Jackson including (“N” word redacted):

“When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a [bleep].  Because, what’s a [bleep]?  A [bleep] is scary.  Obama ain’t scary at all.  [Bleeps] don’t have beers at the White House. [Bleeps] don’t let some white dude, while you in the middle of a speech, call [him] a liar. A [bleep] would have stopped the meeting right there and said, ‘Who the [bleep] said that?’  I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, ’cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.”

It is remarkable that Samuel Jackson and fellow actor Morgan Freeman had the gall to last year publicly choose the Tea Party of being racist.  Mr. Jackson, if you want to understand racism, try looking in the mirror.

Jackson is an intelligent man who made the provocative comments understanding full well their meaning, as well as the reaction they would garner from the greater public.  He likely made these outrageous comments in an effort to get the Leftist Occupy Wall Street crowd to accept him even though he is a part of the 1%.  Self-preservation has limited boundaries.


2 Responses to “Samuel L. Jackson Admits to Being a Racist”

  1. Will Smith said

    Samuel L Jackson is a racist POS, I will never buy a product he endorses, I will never watch a movie he is in. He can go to hell for all I care!


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