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Obamacare’s Birth Control Edict Causing Furor

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 10, 2012

President Obama’s supposed signature achievement has been the sweeping health-care reform often referred to as “Obamacare“.  Like most complex government plans, Obamacare will cause more disruptions for America’s healthcare system and the overall economy than the benefits it will offer.  While individual aspects of the massive legislation can be shown to be poorly planned, a simpler and broader explanation of its failings is more useful.  Specifically, Obamacare promises to offer insurance to millions who are currently uninsured without increasing America’s healthcare costs.  Preposterous!

It was broadly publicized that a part of Obamacare will force any institution or company that offer healthcare benefits to supply free birth control as part of the package.  This is an example of Progressives overreaching and forcing their liberal agenda on the greater public.

Any time Washington adds a forced benefit on states or private companies it increases the cost of supplying that benefit.  This guarantees that in the long run the service will become less available as supplying organizations will not be able to afford them.  This is basic Econ 101, a subject Progressives bypass in the elitist universities they attended.

In addition to the financial problems, the Obama Administration’s forced birth-control benefit has ramifications relating to governmental intrusion into freedom of religion.  Various religious organizations, including the Roman Catholic Church, have deep-seated beliefs that preclude the use of various birth control methods.  Irrespective of this, the Administration indicated it would force these religious institutions to offer the birth-control services as part of their healthcare packages.  The only option available for these institutions was to close or stop offering healthcare as a benefit.  Posted below is a letter publicized by the Archbishop of Philadelphia on this issue.

The New York Times today reported that the Obama Administration is feeling the political heat.  While the Administration has announced a compromise on the issue, reportedly it will not eliminate the intrusion into religious freedom.  It is remarkable that a President who is so sensitive to certain religious sensitivities, particularly those of Islam, has such low regard for the beliefs of others.  This political correctness is a typical manifestation of Progressive elitism that shows low regard for any overall moral philosophy.

President Obama’s intrusion into religious freedom is a continuation of his radical agenda to transform America.  Certainly Obama promised such actions.  Sadly many Americans in the middle of the political spectrum who voted for him did not heed his words.

The radical Progressives and feminist who approve of Obama’s agenda on birth control will ignore his intrusion on religious freedom.  They do so at their own peril given that government intrusion into individual rights is a slippery slope that has no bounds.


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