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Syrians Die; Russia and China Veto UN Resolution

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 6, 2012

This past weekend the United Nations again proved its uselessness.  With over 7,000 Syrians killed by despot Bashar Assad, Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for the dictator to step down.  These two countries, both with atrocious human rights records, went against all other 13 Council members.

When commenting on its veto, Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said that “the draft did not accurately reflect the real state of affairs and sent an unbalanced signal to the parties.”  This lame excuse was buttressed by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who also said that the resolution would be “a scandal.”  How outrageous!  With thousands Syrians dead and hundreds being added to the list each week, the scandal is the UN’s inability to stop yet another butchery by a tyrant.

While the United States and NATO responded forcefully when there was merely the threat of casualties in Libya at the hands of despot Qaddafi, the West stands by helplessly as thousands have already been killed in Syria.  The United States offered the typical diplomatic response to the massacres, stating through UN Ambassador Rice: “The United States is disgusted that certain members of the council are obstructing our sole purpose here,” which was to resolve the Syrian crisis. This is even more irresponsible by one of these members who continues to provide arms to Syria.”

Finally, today after 11 months of killings, the United States pulled its ambassador from Syria and closed its embassy.  This type of response may have been meaningful had been implemented at the beginning of the killings.  However, with the Syrian regime already firmly committed to staying in power and with the potential for war crimes trials in the future, events have already traveled past the point of no return.

The United Nations lack of action with the Syrian massacres continues its bizarre policies towards the Arab Middle East.  Since the 1960s, the Progressives who run the United Nations have blamed most of the area’s problems on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  This fallacious piece of logic covered up the realities of the illegitimate Arab governments.

Just a year ago the UN jumped into action when nine activists were killed by the Israeli Defense Force as they attempted to run a blockade of Gaza.  Today, that same UN cannot garner a resolution with over 7,000 Syrians dead.  This disconnect can only be considered logical by Progressives.

The United Nations, like most large bureaucracies, started with good intentions.  However, it quickly became no more than any other self-serving and self perpetuating organization of professional bureaucrats.  Power and money have corrupted the United Nations and rendered it impotent.  With a lack of positive impact on the world, it is time to dissolve this organization.


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