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Ann Coulter Refuses to Call Bill Maher on his Vulgarities

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 28, 2011

Ann Coulter, a darling of the politically Right, recently showed inconsistency to her often spoken moral outrage.  Last week, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Hannity rightfully took radical Leftist Bill Maher to task for vulgar, sexist and bigoted comments that he made, video included below.  That led to Coulter responding by saying of Meyer: I obviously don’t believe in his politics, I like him, he’s a true and loyal friend, he always has been,” and finally added: “he bought me dinner, so I’m not going to say anything bad about it… I’m easy.  I’m a cheap date.”

Selective morality is but a notch above no morality.  Befriending those with different political views is entirely appropriate and American.  However, befriending one so vile as Maher brings to question not only Coulter’s judgment, but her convictions.


One Response to “Ann Coulter Refuses to Call Bill Maher on his Vulgarities”

  1. Jim Mahoney said

    On balance, I still like Ann Coulter. She is outspoken, intelligent and has more guts than the collective leadership of the Republican Party. Having said that, I still don’t understand her affinity for the repugnant Bill Maher, who has repeatedly made comments about women and minority conservatives that would never be tolerated if they were made about liberals. If she is attempting to go easy on Maher he apparently is not returning the favor. In a recent interview he said that Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham were originally booked on his Politically Correct show to serve as his Foils. In literature, the foil is the bumbling sidekick who serves to make the main character look good. I’m taking a wait and see attitude toward Ann to see if her judgment starts slipping in other areas.


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