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Chris Matthews Shows a Misogynist Side with Anthony Weiner Matter

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 7, 2011

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is at it again.  Yesterday, while discussing the Anthony “Oscar Meyer” Weiner affair, he incredibly stated that Weiner’s wife may be “partly responsible” for his sexual misconduct, as per the transcript below (video also below):

MATTHEWS: “Yeah, but he says his wife knew.  He laid it out on her.”

JOHN FEEHERY: Republican strategist: “Which is a terrible, terrible mistake.”

MATTHEWS: “Well, maybe she’s partly responsible if she knew about it?

Matthews, like so many Progressives, often bare their soles when a fellow leftist is under attack.  This includes showing a dark side that includes inherent racist and sexist beliefs.  But Leftist are rarely taken to task for it is their fellow Progressives who  judge what is and what is not inappropriate thought.  How convenient.  How fascist.

The Weiner matter proved many points including Weiner is a liar and Matthews is a sexist.


4 Responses to “Chris Matthews Shows a Misogynist Side with Anthony Weiner Matter”

  1. MDH said

    I could not agree with you more. I am tired of Matthews’s repeated misogynist views. Something must be done about him!

  2. Carl Hackert said

    Apparently Chris Matthews thinks that Anthony Wiener’s behavior is indicative of the acceptable behavior for the culturally sophisticated elites residing in the leftwing Maintream Media, the Northeast Urban centers or Hollywood’s Left Coast.

    No less than the late New York Senator Patrick Moynihan, in a rare moment of honesty and sobriety, would likely disagree with Matthews for calling Wiener’s critics “culturally backward Christian conservatives”. The often professorial “Senator Pat” once complained that a central problem afflicting the USA was that our society was continually “defining decadence downward” mistakenly interpreting such devolution as evolution into a more tolerant or culturally enlightened society.

    Wiener’s arrogance, the boldface lies and the Weiner’s Weenie genitalia self-portrait pictures are not examples of impressive acting ability, scriptwriting, performance art or photo art. Nor are the pictures impressive from a medical viewpoint. Therefore, they are they culturally uplifting. The saga represents, in my opinion and the opinion most Americans of any Faith or sensibility, perverted acts of gross blackmailable stupidity.

    Wiener’s lies and his offer to use his Congressional staff to help advise women on how to coverup his behavior make him unfit for elective office. His rhetorical outbursts captured on CSPAN were scary before this scandal broke and, in the light of this sad and embarrassing spectacle, they are now even more frightening. This guy was a policy maker. He helped burden our nation with trillions in new debt , created a bigger federal government, advocated Obamacare and a failed Stimulus/Bailout, and was the junkyard dog who ready to battle Paul Ryan’s noble and courageous efforts to reduce the Federal deficit.

    “Wee Willy Wiener” should resign, as as other Congress members have done for far less offensive behavior. However, I predict that, following the example of the perjurer-in-chief Bill Clinton who married Wiener last year, Mr. Wiener won’t resign. Why? His district’s Democrat voters have a plurality. He’ll survive just as those other lowly bastions of culture did such as Charles Rangel and Barney Frank.

    To be kind, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is not known having contributed anything to American Culture as defined by art, literature, theatre, dance or music. Consider this corollary logically drawn from Matthews’ latest insult that Wiener’s critics are “culturally backward”: Matthews therefore considers it “cultural” for politicians like Mr. Wiener to lie to the People and his spouse (rumored to be pregnant), to harass single women with porn, to abuse the power of their office and to exhibit the morality of feral felines. Matthews should step back from his partisanship, perhaps give up drinking before his broadcasts and apologize for this latest example of his wild-eyed bias against Conservatives and Christians.

    Matthews: Weiner in Trouble Because His Behavior Offends ‘Culturally Backward’ Christian Conservatives

    Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2011/06/10/matthews-weiner-trouble-because-his-behavior-offends-culturally-ba#ixzz1OtcTN

  3. Carl Hackert said

    To be more accurate, I believe that the exact wording of Moynihan quote was “defining DEVIANCE down”. That change makes the Wiener situation even worse since his behavior certainly would be an example of deviance.

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