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Afghanistan is Now Obama’s War

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 26, 2010

Barack Obama was elected President two-years ago and has been Commander-in-Chief for 21 months.  While he came to office inheriting the War in Afghanistan, he has by now had time to either significantly improve America’s situation in that country or in fact withdraw from the War effort.  He has done neither.  The Afghan War is now, in fact, Obama’s war.

Yesterday This Blog posted an article “Afghanistan’s Karzai Gets Cash from Iran” discussing the duplicity of goventment in Kabul.  While Harmed Karzai and his henchmen in the Afghan government have Americans die for his government, he cohorts with our worst enemy, Iran.

Shame on Karzai for his duplicity; shame on America for its stupidity.

Pictures are often worth a thousand words.  Below is one from March in Kabul showing Harmed Karzai and his buddy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Rouge Republic of Iran.  Why, President Obama, do you continue to support the rogue regime in Afghanistan?



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