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Al Gore – It’s All About Money

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 25, 2009

alAl Gore has been the darling of the Green movement ever since his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, hit the screen.  The sound bites and data that he presented put the theory of man-made global warming on the forefront of discussion in the United States.  An Inconvenient Truth also made Al Gore a wealthy man with some estimating his net worth growing from $1 million in 2000 to in excess of $100 million today.  Yes, climate change has been good to Al Gore!

While Mr. Gore and others on the Left present evidence of man-made global warming as absolute and conclusive, there are also bright people who disagree with their conclusions.  Irrespective of this, one must question Mr. Gore’s commitment to stopping man-made climate change based on his lifestyle.  Gore has been photographed traveling in limousines and a private jet, not exactly green friendly methods of transportation.  He also owns a 20-room Tennessee mansion that in 2006 consumed 221,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, about 20 times that of the average American home.  When questioned on his lifestyle excesses that are inconsistent with his stated environmental concerns, Gore indicates that he is carbon neutral because of carbon credits or offsets he purchases.  This is a joke!

However, here is where the joke looses its humor.  Since 2000 Al Gore has become a partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  This firm is the lead investor in a company called Fisker Automotive, Inc. of Finland, an automobile startup involved with hybrid autos.  This startup plans to build an electric sports car in Finland that will sell for about $90,000 and also announced that they will build a $40,000 family sedan.  Conveniently, they have received a $529 million US government loan.

Now the story gets sinister.  Employees of Kleiner Perkins Caufield have donated more than $2.2 million to the political campaigns of Democrats including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Add to this Al Gore’s connection to the Democrat Party and you begin to understand why the US government has taken one half billion dollar of taxpayer funds and loaned it to a startup company that is yet to make one car.  Smells fishy, doesn’t it?

thiefThis outrageous story indicates why bad things happen when the government spends taxpayers’ money.  First, we have political payback for Mr. Gore and his friends at taxpayers’ expense.  Then the government invests in a risky venture in which no private investment firm would do.  To add insult to injury, after the government bails out Chrysler and buys a large chunk to General Motors, they then invest in startups to compete with their own investments.

Who thinks that the government will do better controlling the health-care system?  You got to believe in magic and the Tooth Fairy.


9 Responses to “Al Gore – It’s All About Money”

  1. Ron Irons said

    There goes 529 million that we will never see again. Lets take a vote. How many people think we will get this money back? Pretty funny huh folks.

  2. OK, I’ll be the first to vote. Not a chance we will ever see this money again!

  3. Carl Hackert said

    Great article! A pure electric vehicle that is safe, that can go long distances at 65 mph with 4-7 passengers, that can spend time in traffic on long hot summer days or cold winter evenings, that doesn’t have to be plugged into a distant power generating station or which doesn’t use dangerous and environmentally harmful batteries is a long way from being practical. By the same token, no one who has ever had to change the oil, the spark plugs, an exhaust system or a transmission would dispute the idea the new breed of electric motor offers advantages, under certain circumstances.

    But pound for pound, gallon for gallon, coal, natural gas and crude oil-derived fuels still offer superior, stable energy output except when compared to fission/fusion power. The so called “fossil fuels” and nuclear power provide more stable output than variable energy, such as wind and solar – both of which are ultimately make “use it or loose it” AC power that as to be transported and wasted over miles of resistant power lines and then converted to useful storable DC power used in batteries of a vehicle, boat, electric shaver, flashlight or model aircraft.

    Recent discoveries by non-OPEC cartel producers in the Arctic, the Gulf and North Dakota show that oil, various types of coal and gas is much more plentiful than Al Gore wants us to believe. And, the system of distribution is already in place in the USA. We simply need more nuclear plants, coal liquification, increased refining capabiliy and gas pipeline diversification to end our dependency on foreign oil. Such a pro-growth energy policy would strengthen our balance of trade and our currency, thereby strengthen our position in foreign policy, trade negotiations and military affairs.

    Attention Mr. Gore and the rest of your hypocritical radical leftist/globalist/socialist/elitist “blame America 1st” crowd at the UN, the Obama administration and in Congress: The USA is not a tiny socialist European country and those nations’ policies and technology don’t apply. We are a continent with States separated by thousands of miles of water bodies, vast farmlands, mountain ranges, deserts and wilderness containing still undiscovered resources. Most of our States are larger than an entire European country. We use rail, transport vehicles of all capacities designed for interstate highways, ships and aircraft to get people and things to and from great distances at high, efficient speeds.

    Capitalism by its basic profit/loss economic principles ultimately determines and develops the most efficient systems and technologies – unless there is interference by government regulations/taxation/subsidies, powerful unions, collusion or one of Obama’s sorry collection radical un-vetted “czars”.

    Largely unnoticed in the USA press was the story that Al Gore’s “documentary” was cited by a British judge for being so factually flawed that it was not worthy of being shown in UK schools. Yet, it is shown here in the US to our kids with no disclaimers, no corrections and no opposing set of data with opposing conclusions. Three examples:
    (1) Al Gore’s poses next to Katrina’s swirl in the documentary logo and uses disaster video clips to scare kids even though there is no scientific link between increased CO2 and hurricanes. (2)By using the “hockey stick” temp model, he conveniently ignores the temperature data of the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age. (3) The UN revised its data saying that oceans would rise over several centuries and under the worst conditions, only 2-3 feet, not the 20-30 tidal waves as Gore still depicts in his uncorrected film.

    It is too bad that the non-scientifically qualified Mr. Gore will not debate any one of thousands of knowledgeable skeptical scientists on international TV – I’d pay to watch it. Pro-Gore’s media bias is another example (like the Acorn scandal) of the politically correct “mainstream media” no longer caring to investigate.

    One last thing I have noticed is the tendency for brainwashed people to use terms such as “I believe in” something like global warming or “I feel that” healthcare is a birthright that ought to be free and universal, even if they don’t work. To me such wording indicates a lack of factual material to support a conclusion, similar to my own statement of Faith such as “I believe in God” whom I have never met or seen.

    Conveniently, Gore’s self-enrichment has coincided with his acquisition of CO2 credit investments while environmentalism has become a secular, pantheist (nature worshipping) religion to the naive young protesters at the G-20. They call for big taxes on polluting capitalistic countries and the super rich financiers, universal international regulations, rights & disarmament, the breaking down of national & religious boundaries, and wealth redistribution in order to save the planet and the starving, diseased masses from impending self-destruction. These kids can not see the contradiction that the G-20 (as it strengthens and grows) is THE ONLY organization whose globalist decisions and aims will accomplish the very things they are protesting for! Their fanatical “belief” in climate change, for example, justifies their own violence and destruction of the private property of others. In that way, they are no different than the 9/11 terrorists.

    Thanks, Mr. Gore, for helping create a new generation of misinformed fanatics.

    CEH – member of the Tea Party Mob and a Taxpaying America First guy

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  5. goodtimepolitics said

    Think about how many jobs 529 million dollars could create here in The United States and the government loans it to Gore to invest over across the pond. People here are hurting for jobs and this does not make sense for Obama to do except to pay supporters of his campaign!

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  7. Heya.. much thanks for the post. I was looking for the same exact information this morning and found out about your site from Google. It’s really fascinating to see how I was trying to find something and it just showed up.=P

  8. Glad to help Myron.

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