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Ronald Reagan Offers Prophetic Speech 50 Years Ago

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 28, 2014

On October 27, 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a speech that was prophetic.  In this 30 minute speech, video below, Reagan said: “A government cannot control an economy without controlling people.”  Now, 50 years later it is evident that the government controls much of the People’s lives.  This is done through tens of thousands of regulations, a bloated government employment payroll, and handouts to tens of millions making them dependent and beholden to the government.

Reagan also said: Yet anytime you and I question the schemes of the do-gooders, we’re denounced as being against their humanitarian goals.  They say we’re always “against” things—we’re never “for” anything.”  It is far worse today.  Those that dare to question Progressive dogma are not only castigated or stifled by political correctness, but also harassed by the government as exemplified by the IRS audits.

Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech was in support of then candidate for president, Barry Goldwater.  Goldwater was then on the receiving end of unfair Leftist attacks that claimed him radical and a war-monger.  Shortly thereafter, Goldwater was stumped by Lyndon Johnson who then went on to accelerate a war in Vietnam costing over 50,000 American lives.  In addition, Johnson initiated the Great Society programs that were supposed to end poverty in the United States.   After spending over trillion since, these efforts have proved abject failures.  However, those programs and those that work for the government industry still profit nicely from the programs.

It is instructive to compare the words and deeds of Ronald Reagan to those of our current President. Barack Obama.  Ronald Reagan is appropriately remembered for ending the Cold War.  It is likely that Barack Obama will be remembered as being the president who finally made Jimmy Carter, who was made a one-term president by Reagan, look competent.

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Venezuelan Economy Ruined by Socialism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 26, 2014

J ChavezVenezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez passed away a year and a half ago.  The Venezuelan economy is not too far behind Chavez’s demise.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Venezuela has joined the failed economies of North Korea and Cuban rationing food and other basic necessities of life.  However, unlike North Korea and Cuba, Venezuela is a resource rich country that exported nearly $115 billion worth of oil in 2013.  Irrespective of this export wealth, the Journal reported that basic necessities of life including cooking oil, Mel and toilet paper are being rationed with shortages we consumers waiting in line for hours to make less than desired purchases.  Even basic public services are now being rationed with some homes having their water shut off for over 100 hours per week.

Venezuela has proven once again that governmental interventions, no matter how popular initially, exasperate economic problems instead of improving them.  This reality is exemplified by comments made by a Venezuela state finance director, Salvador González, who made excuses for the government’s rationing saying: “Our objective is to guarantee cheap food,” he said in an interview.”  In fact, it was Venezuela’s initial manipulation of the markets via price controls on various commodities that directly led to these shortages.

It is remarkable that no matter how often governmental interventions in markets cause economic calamities that this type of solution remains a favored elixir for Progressive politicians and radical economists.   The Venezuela tragedy is an advance notice of what to expect from Obamacare.  This complex intervention designed to lower medical costs will not only fail to meet his basic goal, but will lead to the rationing of healthcare in the United States with poorer Americans taking the brunt of this failed program.

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Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan refuses to Call Obama a Strong Leader

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 24, 2014

One indication of how negatively Barack Obama is viewed are the many politicians within his own party that are jumping ship as election approaches.  This week Democratic Senator from North Carolina, Kay Hagan, was asked a simple question by a reporter: “Do you think Pres. Obama is a strong leader?”  After dancing around the issue a bit, Hagan finally answered in the negative, as seen in the video below.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the question was posed to Hagan from the far Left media outlet, MSNBC.

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John Kerry Claims Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Behind Rise of Radical Islam

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 22, 2014

John KerryUS Secretary of State John Kerry is at again proving a lack of knowledge of history and international affairs. At a ceremony at the State Department in honor of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, Kerry tied increased recruitment of Muslim youths by radical Islamists in Syria and Iraq to the Israeli Palestinian-conflict saying:

“As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions about the ISIL (Islamic State) coalition, the truth is we – there wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation that they felt – and I see a lot of heads nodding – they had to respond to. And people need to understand the connection of that.”

Adding insult to injury, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf denied that Kerry said what he said: “[H]e did not make any linkage between Israel and the growth of ISIL, period. And we can go back over what he actually said, which I have in front of me. He did not make that linkage.” Either Ms, Harf does not understand English or is a liar. Kerry’s language and inference are clear.

The reaction from Israel was swept with its economic minister, Naftali Bennett, correctly pointing out the obvious:

  • The 9/11 attacks had nothing to do with Israel.
  • Global Jihad has nothing to do with Israel.
  • Al-Sisi’s revolution in Egypt had nothing to do with Israel.
  • The disintegration of Iraq has nothing to do with Israel.
  • The massacre of at least 150,000 people, including women and children, by Assad in Syria has nothing to do with Israel.
  • The creation of ISIS had nothing to do with Israel.
  • ISIS’s military gains in Iraq and Syria have nothing to do with Israel.

In conclusion, Bennett pointed out that “the intense hatred between Sunni and Shiite Muslims has nothing to do with Israel”. This last point proves how naïve and uninformed John Kerry is since this Sunni and Shiite hatred predates the creation of the modern state of Israel by some one thousand years!

John Kerry’s Middle East dribble continues the State Department’s misguided approach to the Middle East over the past four decades. It incorrectly focused on the Israeli-Palestinian differences when the real challenges of the Middle East are broader and longer in duration. By avoiding the actual causes behind the stagnation and destitute of so many in many Muslim controlled countries, the State Department held the lid on a pressure cooker that is now exploding. Given history, Kerry’s misguided approach is inexplicable.

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Ebola Miscues Demonstrate to Obama a Weakness of Government

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 19, 2014

The New York Times reported that President Obama is fuming about the governmental missteps relating to the growing Ebola problem in the United States.  According to the Times, during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the President was visibly upset with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who showed an inability to get its hands around the Ebola threat.  This came to a boil when a second healthcare worker not only came down with Ebola, but traveled on commercial airline while potentially contagious.

Obama is learning firsthand of governmental incompetence and its inability to resolve complex managerial problems.  However, instead of realizing that special interest and the bloated size of government is the center of the problem, Obama added yet another layer of management, naming Ron Klain the Ebola Czar. In addition, Klain is a political operative and former aide to VP Joe Biden.

While Obama expressed frustration with the government’s response to the Ebola problem in his cabinet meeting, he offered a different tune to the public stating: “We have the infrastructure in place to respond safely and effectively.”  This dichotomy demonstrated yet another failing of government; the truth.

President Obama is correct that the Ebola miscues by government is in part caused by poor management.  Unlike in the private sector, those responsible for these miscues are still on the job collecting full salaries.  Instead of adding yet another layer of management, the President should have fired the incompetents and streamlined the managerial process.  The President’s misguided approach shows yet another reason why government fail so often: lack of accountability.

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Press Ripping into Obama’s Handling of Ebola Crisis

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 17, 2014

NY DailyInertia and momentum are two predictable forces in nature. Objects traveling in a given direction are difficult to diverge and/or stop. The greater the force, mass and velocity, the more difficult is change.

Politics often ask in similar ways as physics. The trajectory of Barack Obama’s popularity since running for president is an example. Before elected, Obama was nothing short of a rock star. Young Americans and the mainstream media fawned over him, even though he had no executive experience or track record. His main attributes included writing two books and the ability to present glorious, although scripted, speeches.

The near idle worship of Obama continued after the 2008 election. He received crowds of hundreds of thousands during international visits and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace before implementing one significant foreign policy. While his first term offered questionable results, his approval and support; i.e. inertia and momentum, enabled his election to a second term.

Since 2012, Obama inertia and momentum radically modified spurred on by opposing forces, realities on the ground. On the economic front, while the unemployment rate dropped, the more significant workforce participation rate is at a 40 year high. The world is in significant turmoil. In Nigeria, Islamic radicals persecute and kidnapping nonbelievers. Pakistan is unstable. The Taliban’s violence in Afghanistan rose. Libya has become a failed state. In Syria, over hundred 150,000 are dead in the Civil War and an Al Qaeda offshoot, ISIS, controls significant portions of the country and Iraq. Iraq has also become a failed state. Iran continues the march down the path to produce nuclear weapons.

Now, the world faces a new crisis, Ebola, a disease that the President promised would not reach the United States, but has. The CDC’s response to the potential crisis has been incompetent with the infection of two healthcare workers in Dallas, with one incredibly traveling on an airplane after being infected. While the President is not directly responsible for these failings, as the Country’s chief executive, “the buck stops there”.

With Obama’s inertia change, on a nearly a daily basis, another part of the mainstream media questions the Administration’s competence. Yesterday, the New York Daily News, who endorsed Obama 2008 and Romney in 2012, went on the attack with its front page headline posted below. Inertia now works against the President and the Democrat Party.

The President’s inability to manage crisis is disappointing, but not surprising. Book writing and speeches do not offer managerial experience, especially at the executive level. It is remarkable how many Americans demand credentials in so many professions, but none of the person they would vote for as president. It would be instructive for the New York Daily News to share how they got it so wrong with their 2008 endorsement.

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Over 46 Million Americans Receive Food Stamps for 35th Straight Month

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 15, 2014

Most Americans realize the economy is not heading in the right direction, even though we are years into the so-called recovery.  One objective indicator of the ongoing economic is the number of people receiving food stamps, a measure of Americans in poverty.

According to the Department of Agricultural, in July 2014 nearly 46.5 million Americans received benefits under the SNAP program.  More telling, July was the 35th consecutive month that over 46 million Americans received food stamps.  In addition, according to CNSNews.com, over 35% Americans now receive some sort of welfare.

Given the trillions America has spent on anti-poverty programs since Pres. Johnson’s Great Society programs, as well as the hundreds of billions of stimulus spending by the government since the 2008 economic meltdown, these poverty figures are staggering.  They not only indicate that these programs failed, but also raise questions as to whether the programs themselves actually have damaged those Americans they were supposed to aid.

It is time to reevaluate which programs work, as well as those that do not.  Programs that not lead to objectively determined positive results should be canceled.  It is no longer reasonable for Progressives to claim that programs that wasted hundreds of billions of dollars over years of time can be repaired by still more spending.

Is no longer a choice between policies promoted by either the Left or Right.  With more than one third of Americans receiving some form of welfare, the trajectory is simply unsustainable.  Without repair to wasteful spending and inefficient programs, the Country will in the not-too-distant future will be unable to pay for those truly in need.  That will be a real tragedy

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Chastises Obama on Jobs

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 15, 2014

It seems everyone, including his previous buddies in the mainstream media, is piling on President Obama.  This week MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went on the attack during a recent interview with Obama associate and former advisor David Axelrod.  When discussing the jobs picture in the United States, Mitchell said:

“If you look at the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Financial Times, all the reporting on the job data from Friday, reported that participation rate is at historic lows, decades lows, 59% are involved in the labor force.  That’s just not a sustainable recovery.  We have two Americas, we really do.”

Mitchell is correct that the percentage of the population of working age Americans that are employed is at a 40 year low.  This is in stark contrast with the President recently touting the improved unemployment figure that is now 5.9%.  This contrast not only brings into question the President’s understanding of the current economic situation in the United States, but also the government’s fudging of the unemployment figures to suit its own narrative.  It is no wonder that the American people have lost faith in their government.

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Actress Raven-Symone Tells Oprah Not to Label Her

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 13, 2014

Talk-show diva Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed former child actress Raven Symone who is known for her roles in The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven. Winfrey discussed issues with Symone related to her gay lifestyle.  Symone’s responses, as seen in the video below, did not match Progressive Winfrey’s expectations from someone who is gay or African-American.

After Winfrey finished the politically correct questions, Raven retorted: “I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American.  I’m not an African-American; I’m an American”.  Winfrey was obviously taken back by this response responding: “Oh, my lord. What did you just say?”  That led Raven to put an exclamation point understatement saying:

What I really mean by that is I’m an American. That’s what I really mean.  I have darker skin.  I have a nice, interesting grade of hair.  I connect with caucasian.  I connect with Asian. I connect with black.  I connect with Indian.  I connect with each culture.”

This Blog’s Libertarian roots applaud Ms. Raven-Symone for her intellect and guts. She joins a growing number, albeit small, of people from groups considered disadvantaged by the government that are throwing off the yoke of weakness and stigmatism foisted upon them by a out-of-control government.  Look to these new libertarians with a conservative leaning to gain power within the movement and ultimately become an important force for real change in the country.

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Obama’s Doubletalk on Ending Iraq War

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 12, 2014

Barack Obama ran for his first term promising to end the war in Iraq. After becoming president Obama often bragged about fulfilling that promise.  Unfortunately, the President’s often repeated claim was false.

Six years after Obama took office it has become more apparent what he meant by “Hope and Change”.  He would hope for events to make positive changes in the country and world.  Unfortunately, hope is not a plan.

While President Obama did indeed pull US troops out of Iraq and called the war over, wars are between at least two parties. They cannot end unilaterally.  The war in Iraq continues.  While it was started by Bush, it is now Obama’s war.

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